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Hello! Welcome! I’m Jennifer and this is my conglomeration of things I want to share. This website is a little bit book reviews (I am a recently retired high school librarian, although I spent 12 years in middle school too, so half my heart is there), a little bit machine embroidery (I make and sell designs and finished stuff on Etsy and on this website), a little bit being an adoptive Mom to an adolescent (we adopted our son when he was 12, he is now 18) and a little bit Lupus/Fibromyalgia (that is the reason I recently retired at age 45), that last one really sucks… I will probably also talk about cats, gardening, canning, sewing, quilting, science fiction, fantasy, whatever I happen to be obsessed with at that moment in time and my chemo befuddled mind will let me focus on. Me and tyler

This website is really a vanity project/someplace to talk about the things that are important to me and/or I am struggling with. Ok, I keep ending my sentences with prepositions, I hope that doesn’t bother you, I know I am breaking a rule, but you will have to bear with me. I guess what I am trying to say is I not looking for any kind of response or reaction, but if what I write or share does strike a chord I feel finding people who are experiencing the same things can really be cathartic. I have to warn you though, I really have a twisted sense of humor and don’t really have any sacred cows. So you are warned.

Besides the heavy stuff, I will share the stuff I make (when the Lupus lets me), about the books I am reading, have read and my hobbies cause I am a big ole nerd and I get really excited about making stuff (I keep using that word), the best books ever, and hobbies.

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