Frequently Asked Questions & Concerns

Do you do custom digitizing and how much does it cost?

Yes, I do. I charge a sliding scale based on the complexity of the image up to $40. I routinely create sizes 4×4 up to 14×14, if it is suitable for the image (some images don’t stitch out well at a small size. I also offer the option of posting the design in my store if you don’t need/want the design to be private. In that I post it in my store for between $3 to $10 depending on the complexity (the difference is made up by volume).  Just send me your image and I will let you know if I can do it, how long it will take me and how much. I usually have a backlog of custom orders so it is not immediate, but it it is never more than a couple of weeks.

All of that being said, I don’t do items that are copyright protected or someone else’s artwork. There are websites where I can buy artwork with a license which gives me rights to modify and resell, those are OK. If you are not sure, ask.

What are you selling? Is it a physical item? Like a patch?

Most of my listings are for digital embroidery designs that a person would download, save to a flash drive and then upload into their embroidery machine and stitch out themselves. If you do not have an embroidery machine, the digital download will not work for you.

I also sell graphic designs (SVGs, Jpegs, PNGs, etc) for use in cutting machines like Cricut and Silhouette, but they can also be used in word processing software and as clipart. If you are familiar with sublimation all of my graphic designs will work with the wide variety of sublimation and direct to fabric printers. But again, these are digital downloads, not physical items you would receive in the mail. 

Is there a way I can get your design if I don’t have an embroidery machine?

Yes! I can make a patch for you and mail it to you. Because of the materials and time involved this option costs more than the digital download. The patch material is expensive, but it makes an awesome looking patch! Here are the prices for my patches.

Patches by Inch

3 $12.50
4 $15.00
5 $17.50
6 $20.00
7 $30.00
8 $40.00
9 $50.00
10 $60.00
11 $70.00
12 $80.00
13 $90.00
14 $100.00

Can I get your designs stitched out on anything else?

Yes! I can stich them out on pretty much whatever you want. I make quilt blocks, reusable shopping bags, clutch purses, I have made prayer cloths, shirts, if you are wanting something specific, ask me! Here are my prices for quilt blocks, these prices also work for other items, just look for the size of embroidered area you are wanting.  I will stitch out any design in my store into custom embroidered quilt blocks. All blocks will be lined with heavyweight fusible interfacing, then tearaway stabilizer before being embroidered. If you are wanting a jacket, polo, or other customized apparel item email me to discuss pricing at jennifer@jenniferspotpourri.com.

Choose one of my designs or make it your own! Quilt blocks needing custom digitizing require additional $20 fee. Choose the size variation you desire, then send me a message detailing what design(s) you want on your block(s). I can also do Custom lettering, names, monograms. If you tell me Pantone colors I will match the thread colors as best I can for the best possible product! If you prefer, I can also stitch out the designs on heavy weight white duck fabric, if this is your choice, simply indicate it when you message me with your design choice.

Quilt blocks are available on either white or cream 100% cotton Kona quilters fabric in the following sizes:

Quilt Blocks

Embroidered Area Total Area



5 $12.50































14 16



Your design doesn’t work! The outline is off, there is puckering, life is horrible, you suck… ;o).

Usually these problems are caused by inadequate or incorrect stabilizing. Even if you are stitching out a design on a thick fabric (like canvas) you still need to use stabilizer to well stabilize the design. Here is a link to an article from emblibrary they do a great job of explaining it! In fact you should check out their entire help page, it is amazing, I practically learned how to embroider by reading their tutorials. You should also buy stuff from them, I love their designs! No they did not pay me to say that, I just really like them and their sister store Urban Threads really rocks too!

Helpful Links for When your Projects Don’t Turn Out

Often when we are new at a hobby and it doesn’t work correctly the first time, we are tempted to blame the tools we use rather than the procedure. When I was a new embroiderer it wasn’t until I had recreated the same problem using several different designs from different vendors that I realized that the problems was with me, not with the design. Most often problems with gaping or outlines are going to be a problem of either stabilizer, fabric choice or hooping. These tutorials take you through finding and fixing embroidery problems!

Mind the Gap

Preventing Shifting and Gaping

Bernina Trouble Shooting Embroidery Designs

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Embroidery Myths

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